EarthStreamer software and service stack

Our flexible software stack not only optimizes the utility of your data, but also streamlines data processing, easy access and boosts analytical capabilities.

Enabling your clients to seamlessly access

  • vast datasets,
  • extensive time-series data-archives on global scale
  • live secured data feeds via small bandwith communication channels

Including pre-processing, compression, streaming, encryption, dedicated web interfaces, programming APIs and comprehensive access APIs.

Our Software and Service Stack

  • ES Mission
    • Preprocessing/Postprocessing stack for gridding and data transformation
  • ES Core
    • Stack encoding original format to VP9/x265 Streams
  • ES DRM
    • Stack for digital rights management enabling encrypted streams with hardware/software protection, central authentication, ownership and access tracking
    • ESnap – you can snap it: hardware encoded image snapping function for satellite operators
  • ES Web-services
    • Expose all services to the customer
    • Infrastructure management (computation/storage/content delivery networking)
    • Authentication and DRM handling
  • ES Web-Apertures
    • ES-Player: streaming as a service via dedicated player
    • ES-Media Shaper: transformation into all relevant formats
    • ES-Global Time Warp: Timelapse WebMapService
  • ES SDK
    • ES-Developer Kit: A set of libraries and modules to ingest the streams in an third party application
    • ES-Toolbox: A docker container with all necessary tools, libraries and example sources to fast start your developments
  • ES Scaler
    • Big data to servable data-loads
    • Boosting Scale our capacities
  • ES Mobilizer
    • Dedicated stack of solutions to optimize streams for very small bandwidth devices
  • ES Thematic
    • ClassifierX service (open value chain)
  • ES onboard
    • ES onboard satellite processing stack

With solutions tailored for experts and interested users alike, EarthStreamer democratices data access to the wider public, fostering collaboration and innovation across diverse communities.

EarthStreamer hardware solutions

With our expert partner network we provide versatile end-to-end solution embedded
in specialised cloud infrastructure,
headquarter IT systems and
specialised mobile field & maritime equipment.