Seamless Big Data – Anytime -Anywhere

On-the-fly earth observation data available on any device

Next generation access

Best quality – ultra fast

Storage reduction

Premium mission compression

Dedicated streams

Various export options

 EarthStreamer offers cutting-edge compression and streaming technologies customized for the earth observation, climate, situational awareness, defense and security data domains.

Our Core Technology – Over-the-top (OTT) streaming for New Space.
Patent-Application # EP 22 152 167

EarthStreamer Solution Stack

Learn about Our flexible software stack

EarthStreamer enhances the utility of your data while streamlining processing, simplifying access, and enhancing analytical capabilities to meet your demands.

EarthStreamer in Action

Sector Solutions

Space Industry

See our ongoing implementations for the Space and Climate-data domain

Civil Security

Learn more about how Civil Security utilises EarthStreamer technologies

Defense & Security

Learn more about how EarthStreamer technologies assist armed forces

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